Art Prints / Greeting Cards / Stickers
If for any reason you are not happy with your order you can return to Yellow Heart Art’s studio with in 14 days of receiving your item(s). The customer is responsible for shipping back the item(s) to Yellow Heart Art and is responsible for the shipping fees. Item(s) must be sent back in excellent condition, and items sent back that are damaged in transit will not be refunded. We will refund back your original payment with in 3 business days of receiving the item(s). Please check with your bank to see how long it will take to show up in your account. We can not refund shipping fees. Item(s) that are not eligible for return are items marked as “final sale” in the item description.

Custom Portraits
All custom portraits are final sale.

Sale Items / Grab Bags
All sale items are final sale, this includes grab bags and bundled items.

Wedding and Event Design
Any work done for your wedding or party is final sale.

Custom Designs
Any custom work that you are having Yellow Heart Art create for you is final sale.