Fill out the form below and I will get back to you with in 2-3 business days with a quote. This form is a “custom work request” form. Custom work can be anything you need for your event! Such as but not limited to: invitations, menus, place cards, stickers, wedding programs, bridal shower games etc. For more information as to how this works scroll down past the form!

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Please let us know in detail what design items you need from Yellow Heart Art. Please feel free to include any links to inspirational pinboards you have!
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What Should I Expect When Working With You & How Do I Order?

I am so glad you asked! All items are hand designed by me (Leonora) in my studio in New york. This isn’t a factory full of people, every time you reach out to me I will know who you are, your story and your project! I know what it’s like to be a bride, I planned a wedding for myself not too long ago. At times I felt like my own wedding vendors treated me more like a price tag and not like a person. I want you to feel like we’re besties and you can tell me anything (please tell me if my hair is looking wild when we facetime, as my new bestie I expect these kind of things from you now, no pressure) because you’re not “just a number” to me, I understand that you’re investing your hard earned money on your event and you deserve the 5 star treatment. I treat every event like it’s my own and nothing leaves my studio that I do not stand behind 100%.

Here Is How The Design Process Will Go Down:

• You reach out to me and you let me know the date of your event, what items you need designed by me and the quantities of each item. (example: 50 bridal shower invitations, 40 bridal shower bingo cards, 40 place cards & 40 menus for a bridal shower happening on April 30th, 2020)

• If the project is really involved and can’t be discussed via email then ee set up a 15 minute phone meeting (it can either be facetime or, ya know, the regular way...unsure the technical term for that, do people still talk on the phone?) where we go over more in detail your background story, your vision, your color palette and theme!

• Shortly after our discussion you will receive a contract and an invoice requesting a 50% non refundable retainer. It is important that you pay your retainer and sign your contract asap, a delay in signing will delay your design time line. (please note the 50% deposit is only for projects that will take me a few months to complete, smaller and quicker projects will require 100% payment)

• Once I get the non-refundable retainer and signed contract I will send you an email requesting items that I need from you to move forward with the design process (for example: invitation wording, photos, inspirational pinboards etc) I do not start designing your items until I get this information from you. Your time line starts once everything is sent over. If anything is unclear than i will need you to answer any questions i might have asap, a delay in communication could potentially delay your time line.

• Based on your custom time line you will then get a proof of your design(s) sent via email. You will then go ahead and look over the artwork and wording to make sure everything is correct.

• If everything is perfect and you have no revisions I then go ahead and start to print/make your items! Samples are available upon request and for an additional fee.

• If you want any revisions I will then go ahead and update the artwork and send you over another proof. Once you approve the proof I will then place it into production!

• Your items are then shipped and sent to your home where you can instagram your new goodies til your little heart’s content (or if you’re more of a facebook-er that’s cool too)

This All Sounds Perfect! How Do I Start?

It’s super simple! Fill out the form above. I will reach out to you with in 2-3 business days where you will get a rough estimate, if you like what you see then we will either discus further over email or set up a 15 minute face time or phone call to further discuss your event!