Custom Portrait Gift Card

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Custom Portrait Gift Card

from 80.00

Exclusively for the holidays Yellow Heart Art is allowing, for a limited time only, gift cards that can be used towards custom portraits! Since these portraits are all handmade by Leonora she wouldn't be able to get these done in time for the holidays, so she is offering the next best thing which is a gift card!  

Simply use the drop down menu below to select how many people and/or pets you want the recipient to have drawn for them

Each person/pet is $40 each (for example: 3 people and 2 dogs count as 5 illustrations) so please use the "Number of People/Pets" tab to purchase how many people and pets you want. (Yes babies count as people too and take just as much time to draw! :) 

  • Each person will be drawn as pictured: inside a floral circle. Couples will be in one circle, 4 or more people will be in separate circles

  • Once payment is received please allow 24-48 business hours for a custom giftcard to be emailed to you. If you do not receive an email with in that time frame please send an email WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER to

  • You can then print out the custom gift card and give to your loved one! Don't worry we will also include special instructions on how they can order!

  • Please note that this giftcard is only valued for drawing however many people you choose, if your recipient wants any revisions done to the drawing, or if they want to add more people, they will have to be responsible to pay the difference.

  • This purchase is final sale, the recipient must use the full value of the gift card in one transaction. For example: if you purchase a gift card for 4 people to be drawn and they only want 2 they can not redeem the other 2 people at a later point in time. Thank you for understanding!

• Please allow 24-48 BUSINESS hours for your gift card to be made and sent to you via email, (for exmaple, if purchasing on a Friday the latest your gift card will be emailed to you is Tuesday evening) 
• If it is past the 48 business hour mark and you still did not receive your gift card via email then please first check out junk folder, if it is not there then please send an email to with your order number.


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