How To Word Your Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding is *a lot* of work. There's finding all the vendors, making sure they're available for your date, scheduling payments (bye money, maybe one day we'll meet again), vendor meetings, finding a dress, getting wedding rings, picking wedding colors, finding flowers, organizing your bridal party....and that's not even all of it! 

The one thing I really loved about my wedding planning experience was actually my bridal shower.  It was wonderful because I didn't have to plan a thing! I just showed up, looked cute, ate great food, played fun games and got to go home with a ton of gifts (by the way check to see what your future husband is registering for or else you might end up with a drone at your bridal shower...) I didn't have to think about my shower at all, which is why I created this fun info graphic to help you figure out the right wording for your wedding invitations! Take the energy you would've spent figuring out the right way to word your wedding invites and put it towards a mani pedi. If you're feeling extra fancy grab one of those instagrammable cupcakes too (you know the ones with the pretty colors and crazy thingy-ma-jiggies all over it) 

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If you're still overwhelmed do the following steps: deep breath in (ooooohh) deep breath out (ahhhh), grab another cupcake (cupcakes don't count as calories when you're planning a wedding) and shoot me an email telling me what you need help with! I love creating invitations because it is literally the first taste your guests will get of your wedding! It is super important to not wait too long to order your invitations, you don't want to end up at your local kinkos printing out some rushed Microsoft word invitations with smudged ink and flimsy paper. That is not the tone you want to set for a day that you have spent so much time, energy and money planning!